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Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric Surgery, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Type 2 Diabet Surgery

What is your complaint?


If you want to be treated in Turkey, it will be enough to contact us. Our entire professional team plans the best service for you and works for you to return to your country with your health.



As soon as you inform our professional teammates about your future date for treatment, we will pick you up from the airport with our VIP vehicles and deliver you to your hotels or hospitals. We also make your return plan and provide you the full service.


On the date you arrive for your health, we make your reservations and place you in your hotels to stay in rooms which are suitable for your health at the nearest 5 star hotels for your treatment.


How Does the Process Work?

Step 1: Information

The patient shares his complaints and reports with us. Our medical consultant sends the patient's complaints and reports to our physicians. Physicians tell our team about the patient's treatment process. Our healthcare team will provide you with information about the treatment you are eligible for and how much you can charge. If you make a treatment decision, we will advise you on visa procedures.

Step 2: Travel and Accommodation

Travel, accommodation and treatment dates are determined with the help of our consultant. You can choose hotel that we offer to your preference after all we make your reservation there. Our team welcomes you at the airport, you can reach the hotel or hospital with VIP service. Depending on the risk, we can provide you with an ambulance to reach the hospital. Your advisor will give you a mobile phone so that you can communicate smoothly in our country.

Step 3: Treatment Process

Our team will provide communication with the physician Among the options offered to you, treatment and medical procedures are performed at the institution you choose. Depending on your wish, we can organize cultural tours before or after treatment. After all your process are finished, we will send you to your country by VIP airport transfer.
SAM PS Health Tourism Authorization Certificate

Our company is a member of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies.

Official institution approved by the State of the Republic of Turkey

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