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Presbyopia Treatment

  • Presbyopia is the loss of the lens's ability to change the focus of the eye through adaptation, in which the eye muscles change the shape of the lens. Presbyopia starts in the early years of the forties and everyone is affected.
  • Same as in hypermetropia the focal point of the light rays from nearby objects remains at the back of the retina and is out of focus. The reason for this in hypermetropia is that the eyeball is shorter than normal. The reason for this in presbyopia is that the old lens becomes harder and the flexibility is reduced. This allows the focal point to come in front of the retina; it makes it more difficult or improbable to bend sharply to the light rays needed to achieve compliance.
  • When you're tired, it can be hard to read at night or in low light. Presbyopia occurs regardless of how your vision disorder is
  • The first sign of presbyopia is the need to remove objects while reading. In later times, this blurred vision is further increased and pain in the forehead, temple area. Focusing the eye on objects as close as possible brings about other problems over time. After reading, it may be difficult to temporarily see distant objects clearly, because distant objects also require alignment to focus.
  • Presbyopia's only solution is mostly optical correction (reading glasses). Persons with corrective lenses for myopia; they need double focus glasses (the upper part is for distant sight and the lower part is for short sight) or they use two separate glasses.
  • Due to the deterioration of presbyopia, prescriptions written by the end of the 60’s often change. As for these ages, the presbyopia becomes stable. From the age of 60-65, the focus of the eye actually stops because the lens loses its elasticity; at this stage, the relative becomes completely dependent on the glasses. However, those who are myopia take their far away glasses while they are close to the eye, and they can see more easily when doing their close work.
*In terms of purely visual results, the PRESBYOND Laser Compatibility Area provides a clear view of all distances, ie, near, middle and far, relative to conventional monovision. Even better is that almost all patients become free from wearing reading glasses.

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